Vegas Lux Slots

We are about to find out, and there is a lot to process when we review this slot game. The title tells us where the developer has based the game, so we have a chance to play something with a touch of casino action here. At least, we guess that is the way things are going to develop…

We have played Vegas Lux and brought back the facts to help us write this review. See what you think before you play it, so you do so with knowledge of what to expect.

Developer information for this slot game

Vegas Lux comes to us from Realtime Gaming, so that should tell you how promising this game is.

Demo accessibility available too

Alongside the real version of the game, there is a demo intended to help you work out what you think about it. There's zero risk checking out this version.

Is the theme as obvious as you'd think?

It's based in Vegas and contains all the trappings of that theme. There are a few unusual touches here too though, so we'll cover everything for you in the next few sections.

Supported by an awesome design

When you first load the game, check out the background. It displays a real Vegas backdrop you're going to love. You'd expect to play cards in Vegas, and in this case, you'll get the four suits as the cheapest symbols on the reels. Other symbols pay more for winning combinations, including a showgirl and a guy dressed in a tuxedo.

The basics for playing Vegas Lux slots

This game gives us a diamond reel set. This means there are five reels, but they use a 3-4-5-4-3 format with that quantity of icons on each reel as you look across the screen.

A quick look around reveals no progressive jackpots, but you can expect to see a wild in action during the game. Look for the word itself, as that's how the game displays it. It can show up on reels two, three, and four, and can appear singly or in stacks there.

Just as the wild is labeled, so too is the scatter. However, in this case, you won't see SCATTER - you'll see it labeled as FREE GAMES instead. That sounds good, hmm?

No paylines to look for in Vegas Lux

You may have wondered about this, given the potential of the diamond-shaped set of reels. This game gives us all the possible ways you could find prize-winning combinations, and in this case, we get 720 of those.

One bet per spin

Yes, since this works on way wins, all you need to do is to decide the coin value you're going to play with. Once you've figured it out, you'll see the total spin bet displayed on the screen. Go through all the available bets to see what you think, and to choose one that fits your budget.

Paytable information for Vegas Lux

We always guide you toward this because it has all the answers to any questions you could have before you play. You can see all available symbols and get their prize values, too.

Bonus potential in this slot game

There is nothing for us to reveal in this area, but there are other features to look out for.

How many free spins can you find?

Things play out a little differently in this round, as there is a lot of potential to net plenty of spins. The trigger is to get one scatter on each of the five reels, appearing in any position, to earn eight free spins.

That doesn't sound too exciting, but we're not done yet. You should also look for more scatters on one or more reels, because each unique set of scatters is going to give you eight free spins. So, if you had one scatter on each of the first, second, third, and fifth reels, but you landed four scatters on the fourth reel, that would amount to four sets of eight spins, giving you 32 freebies in all.

No available RTP details

We've seen this with lots of other RTG games too, so it doesn't come as a surprise here.

Our rating for this game is..?

We think this has the potential for an 8/10 rating. The highlight is obviously the free spin round, trying to find more than one combination of scatters to earn more freebies.

What could be won during the game?

The potential for a single prize reaches 1,320x your bet, so that is reasonable enough. We think the best potential to string some wins together must surely come from the free games, though.

Demo play allows you to explore

Yes, it does, and if you access an RTG casino, you should find you can play the demo version of Vegas Lux before even considering any real wagers.

Playing for real is the next step

Does your budget work with this slot game? If it does, look at the various RTG casinos online today and see if you can collect a deposit bonus for one of them. This is a smart way to get some extra funds to start you off.

What about the chance to play on mobile?

Yes, you can certainly try Vegas Lux slots on your phone or tablet if you have an Android or iOS device to try them on.