Dancing Wins Slots

You won't want to miss the game we're reviewing here either, as there is plenty to sort through as you play. Before you do that, though, we invite you to check out our full game review for Dancing Wins. Can you dance your way toward some of the biggest prizes in this game? Let's check out the rules and other features it offers to get some answers.

Who is the developer?

You may feel reassured when we reveal the name in question is Realtime Gaming or RTG if you prefer the shortened version.

Demo action to dance to

There is no need for us to dance around the topic here - you can indeed play a demo for the Dancing Wins slot game. That is common among slots from this developer, so that is a reassuring place to begin.

We can't award a prize if you've figured out the theme

And you should have done here, as we're looking at a dance-themed slot game. We immediately recognized the Eighties theme too, so it's a classic idea. We were surprised to learn there aren't many dance-based slots around online right now. We hope that changes as this slot is a delight.

Plenty of Eighties-themed design features in action

Aside from the dancefloor, you can expect a mirror ball to appear above the game too. There are even various Rubik's cubes hanging around. We are fond of those as we had one when they were first released! This slot does make us feel a little old, but there is plenty of nostalgia flowing too.

How to play Dancing Wins slots

The game has a traditional 5 x 3 arrangement of reels and rows, so there is nothing new in that department. You won't get the chance to play for any progressive jackpots, but there are plenty of prizes appearing in the paytable.

You can easily spot the wild when it turns up, as it uses almost every color you can think of. It can trigger prizes if you find enough of them in their own combination. However, if it helps toward other prizes involving other symbols, it has a 3x boost to bring to the table too. The best wild prize comes from five wilds on a paid line. This awards 8,888x the value of that line bet.

The mirror ball we mentioned earlier behaves in the scatter role. The wild won't be able to replace this, although it is the only symbol it can't replace.

How many paylines can you cover?

There are 50 fixed lines in action here, so you must be sure you can afford to play them all.

How much can you bet on the game?

The smallest wager is 50 cents, which means one cent per line. The largest coin is much bigger, giving you a total bet of $250. Make sure you check your coin value before you play, as all spins are final.

Paytable details

You can always learn plenty from a paytable, and that is true of Dancing Wins too. Even when you've read our review, we suggest you load the paytable from the game screen before playing any practice spins.

Is there a bonus feature in Dancing Wins slots?

No, there is nothing of the kind here.

Free spins do crop up though

The mirror ball must spin into view three, four, or five times to earn you some spins. You'll receive eight free games for three of them, but the haul is much bigger if you get four or five. In those cases, you'd receive 18 or a massive 88 free spins, respectively.

While there is no prize multiplier for eight spins, you'll get a 2x multiplier for the 18-spin round and a 3x multiplier for the 88-spin round. You can also trigger more spins if you have more mirror balls turning up. If you can do this, the multiplier you're on rises by 1x, with the maximum possible multiplier being 10x.

Any return to player details for the game?

No - Dancing Wins joins many other RTG slots with no clear return to player information for us to share.

What's our slot rating for Dancing Wins?

Can we dance toward a high score for this one? We think so - we're going to give it 8/10. The theme is superb, as is the execution, and with free game potential going quite well, it's certainly reassuring to give it a decent score.

How much prize potential does the game have?

According to our information, we discovered that Dancing Wins can potentially trigger a prize worth up to 50,000x your wager. We assume this comes from one spin, but it is uncertain whether that might involve more than one prize. Mind you, if you did well in the free games, receiving retriggers with bigger multipliers, this would have some potential too.

Begin with the Dancing Wins demo version

The game awaits your presence, and we think you'll want to get the most out of it by playing a few practice spins before committing to the real version.

Play for real if you want to dance toward some prizes

There are no prize guarantees, of course, but if you get the chance to play the real thing, you'll wager 50 cents as a minimum per spin.

Mobile access to Dancing Wins

You're good to play on Android and iOS tablets and smartphones.