IC Wins Slots

Whatever you look for in a slot game, we suspect you want to be entertained and to hopefully pick up some prizes while you play. IC Wins is our next title to review, so where does this fit in our preferences? Does it rank highly, or does it fall short of what we like to see in a game?

We've covered all the key areas along with many others you may not yet have thought of. If you're ready to learn more, so are we…

Let's begin with the developer

We are in the Realtime Gaming realm again here, which should tell you a few things about this game.

Can you check out a practice version first?

You can, and that is a running theme among many slots from RTG, thankfully.

So… how does this theme work?

We did suggest there could be a clue in the title of this game and there is - IC means icy, and that points to a wintry slot game. This one does take us way back in time though, taking us all the way to the Stone Age to meet some of the residents of that time.

Does that mean this slot has a Stone Age design?

Yes, and we get to meet a caveman during play. You can expect to meet a few of the wild animals that might have roamed during those times too, so we'll leave you to learn more about those when you load the game.

What should you expect in IC Wins?

If you were assuming a 5 x 3 reel set here, expand that a little to 6 x 4 instead. That gives you lots to look at on every spin. You won't have any progressive jackpots to search for though, as there are none in the game.

The wild symbol is shown as a fire, while the game logo shows IC Wins as a scatter symbol.

How many paylines have they fitted in?

None, as RTG has gone for the way wins idea instead. We're glad of that, as the 6 x 4 format gives us a full 4,096 ways that we could find some prize-winning combinations as we play.

Are you ready to place a bet?

RTG always supplies a decent array of bet amounts per game. That holds true in this one as well, and since there are way wins here, you must pick a single bet on each of them. The starting bet is 50 cents per spin, while there are other values maxing out at $5. Not a huge array but enough to go on.

A single page paytable

This means you can load it and scroll to read everything about the game on one page. It should make life easier when you come to play the game too.

Watch for the bonus Guaranteed Respin Win

There is no trigger for this, so you must wait to see if it shows up. It will only occur following a losing spin of the reels, too. However, if you do see it happen, the reels respin to give you at least one prize. If the respin doesn't result in a prize combination popping up, you'll receive another one - and this continues until the name of the feature is fulfilled. Nice!

Free spins also appear in IC Wins

They do, and three scattered logos bring you eight free spins to play. If you can locate four or five of those logos instead, the rewards are higher, giving you 12 or 16 of those free games, respectively.

There is an extra feature in the free spins, as you'll benefit from multipliers ranging from 1x up to 7x.

RTP details for the IC Wins slot game

There are none available at the time of writing.

Does this slot game deserve a high rating?

After consideration, we believe it should get an 8/10 score, which reflects all the features packed into this larger game.

What is the best prize potential in the game?

Well, a single prize would be worth 250x your bet for six cavemen (remember those six reels). However, if they turned up in a free spin with a 7x multiplier, that prize would be worth way more.

Practice play is the perfect beginning

It is, and we went through lots of spins to get a feel for the game to write this review for you. Make sure you take the practice stance to start with as well, just so you can work out whether IC Wins is ideal for you to play.

Play for real for some hot IC Wins action

If you want that prize potential, remember that the game requires a 50-cent minimum bet, although that does cover a whopping 4,096 combinations.

Mobile access is also available

RTG has thought of everything, including some mobile action here. IC Wins on a smaller screen is just as big on appeal, too.