Trigger Happy Slots

It’s always cool to figure out what the theme is when you see a slot game title for the first time. Some are way more obvious than others, and we think Trigger Happy could be in that category as well.

To find out more about it, we decided to take it for a few spins before reviewing it for you here. Read our full review today and use the information inside to see whether you might play it too.

Developer details

This is always a great place to start, and we can give you the name Realtime Gaming here.

That means we can give a demo a spin

We cannot think of a single RTG slot that doesn’t have a demo. This one certainly does, so that’s good news.

More on that theme

The Old West looks stylish and inviting in this slot game. You’ll see plenty of cowboys and cowgirls as you play, along with all the other features of a slot based on this theme.

Does it have a 2D or 3D design?

This one is fully in 2D, but it carries enough detail to make it look appealing. The muted look suits the theme as well, making everything look slightly washed out, but in a good way.

How to play Trigger Happy slots

The five-reel format returns once again. You might quickly notice the presence of a progressive jackpot, but if you look a little closer, you’ll realize there are two here. They’ve got reset values of $250 for the minor one and $1,000 for the major one, so while someone could scoop plenty more than those minimums, there are decent amounts to be won even if one of them dropped recently anyway.

Let’s move on to the special symbols now. The wilds – yes, two of them – are the cowgirls. We get a redhead and a blonde. The redhead is restricted to the first two reels and the blonde can appear on the final two. They can appear stacked or grouped, too. They won’t replace the scattered sheriff’s badge but they can stand in for all other symbols.

What about paylines?

You can play on 30 of them during the game.

Choose your preferred coin value

Start from a penny per line and use the plus button to go through the values. With fixed paylines, you’ll see the total bet change as you sort through the coins.

Don’t miss the paytable details

We hope our review is useful, but you can still check the details for the paytable before you play. We do recommend you do this too.

Could you find a random Lucky bonus?

It involves free spins, but it’s a cool feature that can happen after any spin. If it does occur, you’ll receive something between five and 10 free games to play. That sure does seem lucky! Or… you may not get those games and you could get the Trigger Happy feature instead.

The Trigger Happy feature includes some free spins

Find three badges owned by the sheriff and this feature begins. Choose a cowgirl to have a 2x multiplier on prizes she helps you win during this part of the game. The other cowgirl is in action too, but she won’t have a multiplier.

You will also get one of two features from a cowgirl. The redhead either sits on every position on reel one – remember she is a wild – for all the spins, or she substitutes for scatters.

If you picked the blonde cowgirl for that multiplier feature, she’ll be a fixed wild for the duration instead. The only variation here is that she could appear either on the fifth reel or on the fourth and fifth ones at once.

No RTP info release

It won’t be a shock if you’re used to reading about RTG slots, as they rarely get this info with their release.

How high could our rating go with this one?

We’re going to rank this as a 9 out of 10 game, because there is so much to look for as you play. With two wilds and multiple features to explore, you could well have a longer session with this game if you wanted.

We’ll keep you updated on any jackpot winners

It sure would be cool if one of those winners was you, but even if that doesn’t happen, we’ll keep you updated on the latest info whenever you visit.

Playing just for fun?

Remember that you can learn plenty about the game from the demo, but you won’t win any real prizes. Remember too, though, that the game doesn’t guarantee prizes from the real version.

Are you going to try Trigger Happy for real?

Check your budget for playing and see what you think. At 30 cents a pop for one spin of the game, could this be an ideal one to try?

Don’t miss this game on mobile either

You can always try this version of the game if you wish – it’s just as good as the desktop version.