Fortunate Rabbit Slots

Fortune cookies are not just a so-so dessert you nibble after you've eaten Chinese food. They're also a symbol of good fortune. They're a symbol you will find when you play Fortunate Rabbit Slots. This slots game is full of images and style you find in Chinese culture. It's also full of ways to win.

A Fortunate Design

The design is distinctly Asian-inspired, from the shape of the buildings you'll see in the background to the gentle paper lanterns that rise up against pink and purple clouds to the lucky symbols on the reels. There are many bright red and shiny gold accents. The colors and symbols crate a pleasant, engaging overall design.

What Happens When You Spin the Reels?

This game is played out on five reels and three rows. This is where the symbols appear. You will see fortune cookies and paper lanterns, symbols heavily associated with China. Ancient Chinese buildings and warriors also appear on the reels. You will even see trees and beautiful full moons, symbols of nature. every one of the images is beautiful and brightly colored, so that every single image stands out. But the one that really stands out is the fortunate rabbit. Look for this lucky symbol to get bigger wins and opportunities.

The Difference in Fortunate Rabbit Slots

The basic gameplay of this slots game is pretty classic, with a standard slots design that has been seen everywhere. But when you play, the game board changes. Sometimes, you will get a special symbol that will cause an entire reel to extend across all the rows. It becomes a single solid symbol, and this is when you can get bonuses like free spins and extra money.

Creating Your Own Fate

There are 15 pay lines, so there are many ways to win. But not every spin is a winning spin. Lower your bet to $1.50 or go all the way up to $75. When you're really feeling fortunate, increase your bet to increase your wins. You always decide how much to risk. Trust your gut and develop a betting strategy that works.

Will You Be Lucky When You Play Fortunate Rabbit Slots?

Fortunate Rabbit Slots is available at many different online casinos. Look for it at digital casinos that carry slots games and you will find it. Will you find your luck and good fortune? You will have to play the game before you find out.