Alien Wins Slots

Going back to the most ancient civilizations, humans have always looked upward at the stars...and wondered. You will find lots of different visitors from other worlds when you play Alien Wins Slots. Not all of them are little green men but all of them definitely have a fun, colorful design.

Alien Visitors

Aliens coming to Earth have been depicted in many different ways. Sometimes they are hostile, terrifying creatures. In this game, they are fun, friendly and utterly cute. The amazing design is full of color and bright glowing graphics and design that is highly compelling. The background of the game board sets the tone perfectly. Shades of blue-green, navy and purple create a setting for a field of beautiful stars and clouds.

Extra Terrestrials

The reels of the game board is where you will find the alien visitors. They have come from other worlds to appear on the game board of Alien Wins Slots. There are five reels and three rows where these colorful creatures appear. Little yellow, red, purple, blue and green aliens fill up the reels and the screen. Normally, an alien invasion is a bad thing. Matching up these aliens is now you'll make money. You will also see alien planets on the reels.

The Specifics of the Game Board

The game board has 10 pay lines where you can make matches to make money. Bet as little as $.10 on each spin, or bet up to as much as $10 on every spin of the reels. No matter how much you bet, you will get to see the friendly, adorable little alien creatures that create this game. It's absorbing and enthralling and very fun to play, so you won't find it difficult to pass the time with this game.

Getting Cosmic

At any time, you can activate the Cosmic Spin option. This sends the game into another orbit. Using this option, you can place a much larger bet, starting at $100, to buy wild symbols. In cosmic mode, the game board starts to move and the reels change. Now, an alien spaceship is part of the board, too. In Cosmic Mode, it's very easy to win free spins. This extends Cosmic Mode to increase your chances of winning money.

Meet the Aliens in Alien Wins Slots

Give this adorable slots game a longer look at online casinos. The bright colors and fun design make it very easy to get lost as you play the game. The many different ways to win will hopefully keep your account full of chips.