Giant Fortunes Slots

Fantasy stories and fairy tales have existed for thousands of years. You probably grew up on such stories and if you have kids, they're growing u on those same stories. In any good fantasy story or fairy tale, you know that you're going to see things like small, quaint villages. You will likely see some magic, maybe a treasure of golden coins. Perhaps there will be a bag of gems. And there's going to be a villain, like a huge and scary giant. You can find them in fantasy stories and fairy tales of all kinds and you'll find them in Giant Fortunes Slots. This game puts you into one of these worlds and here, you can collect those golden coins and keep the treasure for yourself.

Visiting a Different World

This beautiful fantasy world is rendered in soft colors and classic design. The background of this slots game features a lovely rolling meadow full of grass and flowers. A small hamlet, a little village, is all around. There are mountains in the background. The sun is just starting to set. This world is also full of mysteries and magic and dangers...but also great treasures. Are you brave enough to face the dangers and possibly get some of the treasure for yourself?

The Game Board

The game board has five reels and three rows. This is where all the different symbols will appear. You will see many classic fantasy images on the reel,s including a hero, golden coins, bags of gems and familiar letters and numbers. But you will also see giants. This is their world.

Making Adjustments

Bet as low as $0.25 when you aren't feeling that big win coming on. And when you do feel a big win headed in your direction, bet all the way up to $25. If the magic is truly on your side, you could get a really big win and get yourself a lot of treasure. That's the real reason you want to gamble.

How to Win and Get Free Stuff

Scatter symbols and other bonus symbols give you more opportunities. If you get enough gem bag symbols, you will win free games. You're guaranteed a free game if you hit a mystery symbol. You can choose to play a free or money version of this game, so if you just want some slots fun you don't have to risk anything at all. But if you do play for money and take a risk, you could win a big payout.

How to Start Winning at Giant Fortunes Slots

When you're ready to venture into this fantasy world of giants and gems, look for online casinos. Giant Fortunes Slots is available at many different digital casinos.