Warrior Conquest Slots

History is filled with legends of epic warriors. Atilla the Hun, the terrifying Aztec warriors, the skillful and deadly samurai, the list goes on. Warrior Conquest Slots honors some of the ancient warriors of the past. Travel into a moonlit world and see how your fighting skills do when you spin the slot reels.

Under the Shining Moonlight

This slots game introduces you to a world full of mysterious mountains and soft moonlight. A river cuts through two mountain ranges. Ancient Asian buildings can be seen nestled against the mountains. Everything is lit with the pale silvery hues of moonlight. The game board itself is a contrast to this. It's covered with bold and vivid shades of red, purple, green and blue that appear in the individual symbols on the reels.

Finding the Ancient Warriors

Each warrior on the game board has their own color. You will see them on three reels and three rows, a simple square. There are sword fighters from many different eras wearing many different types of costumes. You will also see diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades, the common symbols from a standard deck of cards.

Right before your eyes, the game board can change while you pay. Every so often, you might see an entire additional reel pop up.

How to Play Warrior Conquest Slots

Warrior Conquest Slots has 27 pay lines where you can make matches to win. That means you can match symbols every way on the board, both horizontally and diagonally. Bet $0.25 to $12.50 on each spin.

Becoming a Warrior

This is visually lovely and the simple, classic slots game board is easy enough for gamblers of all skill levels to understand. This is a relatively low-stakes slots game where it's impossible to lose a whole lot of money on a single spin. Sometimes, extra reels appear to add an extra element to this game. This little extra keeps Warrior Conquest from feeling like all the rest.

Where to Find Warrior Conquest Slots

When you're ready to take on the ancient warriors and battle your way across this board to get a win, look for Warrior Conquest Slots online. Digital casinos make it easy to access this game through multiple devices, so you can tap into your personal warrior powers whenever you are and whenever you want to search for a win. Take on this epic challenge and battle your way past history's fiercest warriors right now.