The Naughty List Slots

Since children's names are most likely to be on this list, we guess there is little chance your name might appear on it. The Naughty List has made a splash at many casinos, thanks to this slot game that takes that very title.

The theme is not in question here, but even though we can figure that out from the title, can we learn more about the game? Only by playing it can we work out what's happening. Find out more in our review right here today.

Who can we thank for creating this slot?

This is one of a handful of festive offerings from Realtime Gaming (RTG).

It does give us the chance to play a demo

Yes, as with many other games from the RTG collection, The Naughty List does give you the chance to try it first.

No going wrong on the theme

No… you know where this one is going before you even load the reels for your first spin. A Christmassy slot featuring all the chief characters and symbols you'd expect to see there.

Does the design look good?

It does, although there isn't much to speak of for a background. It works well though, giving you lots of large icons to look at. Even the minor letter and number symbols appear on golden bells with bows on.

Major features to look for in The Naughty List

Here we are, getting to the real portions of the game you need to know about before you play. Five reels give you four icons each, so there's plenty going on. You'll also see a jackpot - progressive in nature - above the reels, over on the right.

If you're wondering whether Santa is going to be the wild here, as he is in so many other games, you're correct. He appears on every reel except for the first one. You can also look for the Naughty List as the scatter, written on a piece of parchment.

Payline quantity in action

The Naughty List has room enough for 50 lines to bet on.

How much can you wager on the slot?

Your line bet has plenty of variation here. With a penny as the smallest wager, it does earn the title of a penny slot. However, you could also choose from other coin values, going to the maximum 50 cents apiece.

Go for help to find the paytable

You should easily see the help function that hides the paytable, so we suggest you explore that feature and read the details before you get underway.

Can you reach the Naughty Pick bonus round?

Find three lists and you'll do just that. You'll see 20 gifts and you can start picking the ones you like the look of. Two of the gifts hide naughty notes, so you want to avoid those. One note won't harm your progress, but if you hit a second one, the picking feature ends.

So… what's inside the gifts? You'll either find coin wins or multipliers. Once you finish the round, you'll receive five free games (they're called Santastic… and they could be if you find lots of multipliers). Those multipliers are totaled to give you the value to use on anything won during the free games. The reels have more wilds and scatters added to them in this feature, so there is a bigger chance of triggering another crack at the feature. Or some wild prizes, of course.

That's not the only way to get some free spins

No, indeed… because you could get Lucky in the base game too. We wrote that with a capital because the Lucky Feature can occur on a random spin. If it happens, you'll get anything from five to 10 free games. Before they begin, you'll receive a random multiplier that could give you up to 10x the usual prize amounts.

No known RTP for this one

This is usually the case with RTG games.

Our rating for The Naughty List

It's a nice game, not a naughty one! We loved playing it and we liked the pick feature too. If you get the chance to play it, you might see why we have marked this as a 9/10 game.

How much could you win in this game?

There's the progressive jackpot, of course, but with free spins and multipliers flying around, you can bet there are chances to pick up other prizes too.

Begin with the practice version

This is the perfect way to work out whether The Naughty List is going to be nice for you to play. We'd suggest trying it until you get through to those free spins, so you can see how entertaining they are.

Will you play for real?

We think you'll want to once you see what is involved with the slot game. It's a great one to check out.

What about mobile gaming?

Yes, this shouldn't present you with any issues. It means you can take and try The Naughty List wherever you go.