Frog Fortunes Slots

We have yet to come across an online slot game offering frogs as prizes, so we hope the fortune part of the title comes true when you play it! Frog Fortunes looks rather different from how we thought it might, but an unusual appearance merely adds to the entertainment here. If you’re eager to know more, settle in for our full review of the Frog Fortunes slot game right here and now.

Developer information for this game

This is another impressive slot to come from the minds at Realtime Gaming.

The game also has a demo available

You can always count on finding one for any RTG slot. We cannot think of a time when there hasn’t been one to check out before committing to any real play.

Does the theme revolve around frogs?

There is a golden frog on the screen, watching the reels from its position on a plinth. However, this seems to have an Aztec or jungle-based themed going on, with futuristic animal designs appearing among other icons on the reels.

Does it do well in the design department?

Absolutely – the animal icons on the reels almost seem to poke their heads out at you. This can be unnerving until you get used to it. The symbols are each designed to appear inside hexagons, so even the reel design looks different here. Another reason to check this out.

Reels, icons, and other details in Frog Fortunes

Let’s see where this game takes us. The reel set looks unusual, but once you go beyond those hexagon shapes, you can see we are playing the traditional 5 x 3 format here.

You won’t see a progressive jackpot appearing above the reels. You’re never assured of one of these, so you may not be too worried about its omission. However, the absence of a wild might surprise you. There is another symbol you should stay alert for though, and we’ll explain how that works shortly.

Ways to win are in force in this game

This is good news because we know there are going to be 243 ways to pick up a few prizes on each spin.

One bet per play

Way wins slots always ask for one bet on each spin, rather than choosing bets per line. Your bets can go from 25 cents per play to $6.25, so things stay at the lower end of the wagering range in this game.

Don’t miss the paytable

Once the game loads, check this out to get a handle on the rules and appearance of all the symbols in action. Our review is designed to bring you lots of knowledge, but you can certainly learn plenty from the paytable as well.

Look for that bonus bomb

A bonus bomb? Yep, because there is one acting as a special icon in the Frog Fortunes slot game. Whenever you see one anywhere on the reels, you’ll see it explode. When this happens, it removes several symbols positioned in various places around it. There are 10 ways this can happen, and you can see all the patterns in the paytable.

When symbols are blown up by the bomb, they are replaced by new ones. Better yet, all the vacated positions receive identical symbols. If you score a prize from this (or more than one), the winning icons vanish, and others drop from above to fill all the spaces once more. You can see this happen again if you receive more prizes from that spin.

How about some free spins?

You won’t see any of those in this game, although you could, of course, pick up additional spins in the above feature, as we explained.

RTP details for Frog Fortunes

If you know anything about RTG slots, you may already expect there to be no information in this category. That is the case, as they never release firm RTP details.

Does this slot earn a decent rating from our team?

It does, and we’re going to give it 7.5 points from a maximum of 10. The bomb feature is the only special element involved in the game, so there is nothing else to watch for. However, it can produce some fascinating results whenever just one of those bombs appears.

How much potential is there for winners in this game?

The slot comes in at the lower end of the volatility scale. That means we have a range of smaller prizes as they’re more likely to drop more often than they would in a high volatility slot. If that suits you, there is plenty to look forward to in the game.

Try some demo action in Frog Fortunes today

Yes, there is plenty of action to look forward to, but we suggest trying some demo spins to see how the bomb explosions can influence what happens next.

You can then play for real if you wish

Check your budget, visit an RTG casino, and get started…

What about seeing Frog Fortunes on a mobile device?

This is possible if you have iOS or Android to work with. It looks great on tablets and smartphones and comes with mobile controls and touchscreen capabilities in those cases. Another good reason to try the demo first!