Wild Fire 7s Slots

The number seven features heavily in several slot games – usually the three-reel variety. So, does the title of the Wild Fire 7s slot supply a clue in that regard?

We won’t spoil the reveal just yet, but we will assure you that we’ve got answers to all the questions you’re likely to think about as you ponder on that title now. If you want to know what’s in store when you play Wild Fire 7s, this is the place to get those answers.

Do we know who created this game?

Yes, it comes from Realtime Gaming, so that is reassuring to start with. They’ve had many successful slot releases over the years. Could this be another one?

We do know the game comes with the usual demo

It always surprises us that we cannot always get practice versions of games from some developers. Fortunately, RTG is a developer that always gives us the demo facility to use. We recommend you do that if you haven’t come across this game before.

Do we have any details on the theme?

Some slots don’t have much of a theme, and this is another one of those. You can expect the 7s to appear here, and they are indeed on fire, as per the title, but the theme doesn’t stretch beyond that.

Does the game have a bold design?

Since this game doesn’t have a specific theme, you might think it doesn’t do much with the design either. However, it looks incredible, especially as we have those flames happening. Every part of the design focuses on the reels though, so if you’re looking for an awesome background, you’re going to be disappointed.

Facts you need to know when you play Wild Fire 7s

The game takes on a 3 x 3 set of reels, so it offers something a little unusual in that category. It also ramps up the excitement by adding a progressive jackpot. While the game takes place over three main reels, we do get a smaller fourth reel alongside those, offering just one spot for an icon to appear on.

You might guess there is a wild involved here after reading the Wild Fire 7s title, but there isn’t one. You can look for a free game icon though, with a second important symbol linking to the progressive jackpot prize.

How many paylines does the slot game have?

There are five here, and since they’re fixed you need to be sure you are happy to play at least the minimum bet covering all five of those lines.

No pennies here

You need to place at least 10 cents on each line, giving you a minimum bet of 50 cents on each spin. We suspect the reason for that is the progressive jackpot. The prize would be far smaller and would climb more slowly if you could bet just five cents per spin. The max bet option is way lower than we thought it might be though, with a $5 bet as the most you can play per spin.

Make sure you review the paytable

Over by the first reel, you’ll see an information button that takes you to the relevant page. While we’re giving you the facts in this review, you can see what all the symbols look like and how much they’re worth in prize funds if you check on that paytable.

Don’t expect a bonus feature

Many three-reel slots don’t have one, but you do of course get a chance to net that jackpot amount. The way to do this is to spin the reels and find the jackpot symbol in full view on that small fourth reel.

The fourth reel may also reveal your chance to play some free spins

There is a free spin symbol loaded onto that fourth reel, and if that stops in full view, you’ll play through seven free games. These have a major multiplier in play too – a huge 5x. Sit back and enjoy those spins if you can get them. Anything won over the three reels is paid at five times the regular amount.

RTP details never come from RTG

Too many initials there? RTP means return to player, and this is the amount the game returns to the players participating in the title throughout its life. Here, though, as with all other RTG slot games, we don’t have a clear percentage to go on.

What score does Wild Fire 7s deserve?

How about seven points out of 10? This is a reasonable score because of the fourth reel, the free spins, and the jackpot potential. We would have liked to see a wild though!

Join many other players trying to snag that jackpot

While this is the best outcome you could hope for from one spin, you can think about a 17,850x multiplier too. According to the details we have about this game, this is the best you could get from the game.

Try that demo version first

If you haven’t checked out the game just yet, you can do so safely by accessing the practice version at any casino carrying RTG games.

Would you spin the reels for 50 cents a pop?

If that fits your budget, you know you can check out this game for real. Make sure you don’t do so until you’ve played some demo spins though, just so you fully know what you ought to expect.

Wild Fire 7s also available on mobile

No need to miss out if you’re on the move – just find the game and play with touchscreen controls on Android or iOS as you wish.